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  • Coral Francis

Excited Villagers Get Two Wells

HPI helped co-fund and direct the construction of the first of two wells in Solai Village, in Kenya, approximately 1.5 hours northwest of Nairobi. The 20 000 person population of Solai struggle to survive due to unreliable rain conditions. Their only historical water source was from the one small stream that runs through the area (see first photo).

The first water well was hand dug without mechanical equipment but thankfully It was only necessary to dig 70 feet till we found an adequate flow of water.

Rachael Njeri, who worked closely with me in the Kenyan HPI operation sourced out a little help from a Nairobi church. HPI's funding combined with the church's funding helped make the wells possible. Rachael also sourced out the manpower to dig the hole. Since then, an additional well has been built with other funding. However, I cannot imagine that the wells would provide an adequate water supply for all Solai's people.

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