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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

It is with deep sadness and regret that I must inform the public that Humanity's Promise Int'l is in serious breach of contract for failure to pay its financial obligations towards its Branding, Marketing, and Fundraising Services Contract it signed with me in 2019. After nearly 18 months of consulting work provided to HPI, the founders John & Beverley Bossuyt have now defaulted on the charity's promise to fulfil its contractual agreement and have indicated conflicting messages to either shutter the charity OR move it to another web developer and marketing provider to start anew. Several offers to help them budget for and to satisfy their debts have been rejected. HPI owes a modest $2625 to Trilogy Promotions Inc. for work that it committed to in December 2019. It was required to pay monthly deposits of $262.50 starting February 1, 2020. To date, HPI has not made a single installment on its obligations despite being given a 12-month extension due to Covid19 interrupting its fundraising efforts. The developer (TPI) granted this courtesy extension while continuing the work agreed, with only their continued assurances to make good on its contract. John Bossuyt has now indicated he is prepared to be sued in small claims court rather than to honor HPI's obligations. This course of action will cost HPI more in legal fees to defend (and ultimately lose) then it will to pay its small debt. The last thing I want to do is sue a client for unpaid fees but HPI is leaving me no option. If you would like to help HPI settle its debt to avoid costly litigation, I will accept donations to the cause either by email transfer to, by credit card (by phone or online) by clicking this notice, or by cheque mailed to #214, 2949 - 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0P7. If the balance due is paid by donations and/or HPI by April 30, 2021, I will NOT pursue further legal action that will only hurt HPI and its intended beneficiaries. Once the account is paid in full, I will remove this notice and clear the account. I take absolutely no pleasure in this action but TPI is due payment and I am left with no other recourse. Sincerely, James Steele, President - Trilogy Promotions Inc. (403) 269-4100.

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