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The Hope and Promise of Tomorrow


The hope and promise for a better tomorrow rests with the youth of today! They need our help! Countless numbers of young people stand idle—and extended idleness leads to hopelessness and despair. Humanity’s Promise Int’l wishes to change that but needs your support and partnership.


The children of eastern Africa are like children everywhere. They need a healthy portion of encouragement and validation, love and acceptance. Most of all they need hope, security and opportunities.


A little fun is not normally a bad thing. Neither is a distraction from daily doldrums—some often accompanied with misery and pain. Life for children in rural eastern Africa holds few similarities to that of a typical North American child. In many east African villages—certainly in South Sudan—schools and education are largely non-existent. Rather than formal learning children spend their days help their families tend house, or to subsistence crops, or to livestock. Many grow up in isolation from the broader community and do not develop the necessary social skills to advance in the modern world.


While HPI’S primary focus is related to agricultural economy growing activities it is not be oblivious to the educational and emotional needs of these young people. Especially since--as mentioned--proper educational facilities and qualified teachers are largely nonexistent in these regions. Addressing these educational and emotional needs of the young–many of whom have been severely traumatized—is daunting. The fate of the nation is, in large measure, dependent upon the character, education and emotional health of the young.


The HPI team recognizes the limitations of their collective life experiences or skill sets and is reaching out to those who may be able to assist with this extremely important undertaking.      

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