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Financial Accountability and Annual Report

Humanities Promise Int'l is a young and still growing organization but we work hard to maintain accountability and strong relationships with the people and organizations who support our work. We respect the trust that our donors have in us to use their gifts wisely. In our financial management and reporting, we endeavor to maintain the highest standards of transparency.

HPI is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that abides by all laws concerning charitable organizations established by the Government of Canada and the other nations in which we operate.

Our directors are committed to being responsible stewards of donated funds. They exercise due care concerning the governance of fundraising and financial reporting, and ensure to the best of their ability that the organization adheres to commonly-accepted practices of ethics and accountability.

We’re eager to tell you about HPI’s vision for the future and our accomplishments to date.

Click below to read how our Audited year End Financial Statements provide an overview of our financial position as of our last budget cycle.

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