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Team Shirts Donation

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Team Shirts Uplift South Sudanese Village Kids!

A generous and much-needed donation from R.T Alderman Junior High School in Calgary. Posted on December 21, 2018 by John

No extracurricular school activities, no trips to the malls, cellphones or computers. No summer band camp, theaters, nightclubs, or any other cultural entertain like the average kid has here!


For many children across countries in the third world fun is in short supply. The creation of local amateur sports teams has repeatedly proven to be a Godsend in such areas. Sports keeps the children and teens engaged, interacting positively, working out frustrations, and generally out of trouble and focused on an activity promoting individual pride and community camaraderie.

Despite food from sustainable farming in Africa being HPI's primary focus, we realize that the people there are like the people anywhere--they need to play too. We help them do this with sports donations like the generous donations of team shirts from R.T Alderman Junior High. You've scored a winning goal with us!

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