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Our Approach to Farming

In many African nations such as South Sudan, many natural resources remain untapped. Rich fertile land lies dormant or under-utilized from a lack of modern farming equipment and inadequate agricultural learning opportunities.


HPI believes that long-term meaningful change cannot occur without focused attention and financial resources being directed toward economy-growing activities. In addition, lasting impact demands implementation of comprehensive agricultural related learning opportunities to co-opt younger generations early and deeply into the community sustainability mindset.


We believe that the best approach to transfer understanding and knowledge is through a system that allows the “student” to observe and experience. In conjunction with local farm cooperatives, HPI will be establishing a series of learning opportunities with the hope that the community will participate and learn newer farming methods. We know that the cause is too important and the challenges too large for any one group to tackle alone and will not be solved without a coordinated team approach.


HPI extends an open invitation to other interested individuals/groups to join the cause to reduce hunger and poverty in the Obbo region of South Sudan.




  1. The farm land is fertile, PH-stable, mineral rich and capable of sustaining a crop large enough to sustain a village or be sold.

  2. Rain is plentiful

  3. Daytime temperatures are temperate to warm-hot for 12 month, year round cropping activity.

  4. Workers are ready, willing and able and

  5. Transportation corridors are being built.

  6. Domestic and International markets for all farm produce are well established.


Please see other areas of this website for a more details to HPI’s vision and plans regarding the creation of a sustainable agriculture-based economy within the relevant regions where we work.

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