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Aston Investments

A Total Branding & Marketing Solution.

Ray is one of the very enthusiastic members of the Calgary Independant Business Network who happens to be 79 years old and fresh out of retirement with a new lease on life, thanks to the CIBN and ThoughtWurx!

When we first met Ray in the spring of 2024 at a luncheon mixer, he only had a home-made business card in black and blue lettering printed on cardboard stock on his home printer. He had no website, no logo, and no other marketing collateral, but did have a company name and lots of excitement. After a couple of meetings, we were able to help him launch his new sales and marketing career by creating for him a few key marketing pieces that were vital to his launch. We took his bland, home-made, black and white, self-printed business card, which was his only sales tool, and developed an entire integrated marketing solution which included the following utilized services:


These new sales aides will help Ray in his networking, prospecting, sales presentations, and sales follow-ups using the latest and greatest digital technology solution that will boost productivity and add a whole new level of professionalism to his successful 44+ year sales career. In fact, Ray has now been brought on with ThoughtWurx as an independent sales consultant (see profile here). Congratulations Ray on your new start!


The next project for Ray is a video-based sales training course and podcast show.

This integrated sales solution brought our client out of retirement at age 79 to restart his sales career with a renewed vigor to help his clients navigate the new world of digital marketing, video production, and sales coaching.

Be sure to check out his main Digital Business Card here.


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