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Your One-Stop-Shop for Business Development

We are an innovative Calgary, AB, Canada-based multimedia and business development consulting firm specializing in self-manageable, auto-formatting, mobile-friendly corporate websites; video content development; branding; business process consulting and marketing; project management and administration; and social media profile integration. We are dedicated to providing corporate clients in Canada and the US with leading-edge knowledge and marketing tools they require to propel their businesses in the 21st century.

We are a dedicated professional organization with experience from very diverse backgrounds and industries. We and our outsourced independent consultants have the skills to help our clients create a cohesive, integrated, marketing strategy and brand image across all media platforms. We develop and connect your corporate website to relevant social media outlets such as YouTube, Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and a host of other providers.

We often begin our consulting services by conducting a secret shopping audit of your business and processes. As a prospective customer, we examine how your staff handles customers from first contact to final sale, as well as post-sales customer service. Some of the key questions to be asked are: 

Do you have a consistent CRM process?
Is staff compensation linked to performance and customer satisfaction?
Do you know where your customers come from and how they heard about you?
Do you know what they typically buy and what their itch cycle is?
Do you reward customers for referrals?

Do you have a recognizable brand?

What is your value proposition?

These are but a few of the critical questions we investigate, report on, and strategize with you to help improve your bottom line.

We seek to fully understand your business by performing a detailed needs analysis. After thorough consultation with your management team and staff, we recommend certain strategies to improve your operation. We may design multimedia video & TV-ready presentations utilizing blue or green screen virtual studio technology to help you put your best face forward. We utilize a variety of publications & social media platforms to showcase unique businesses. In developing a cohesive marketing & branding strategy, we help you enhance your brand recognition and boost sales possibilities through enhanced product & service education with staff, key industry contacts, and referral partners.

When it comes to training your staff on the new processes, we design procedures manuals, online e-learning training and on-boarding courses, marketing materials, and all collateral required to implement and monitor the new processes. Finally, we conduct ongoing process audits to ensure ongoing adoption of the strategy.

This website represents an example of the excellent web development work we can do. To view some of the previous projects we have done, please see Our Wurx.

Since 2002, we have been serving our numerous Canadian and US clients, both businesses and individuals, under the corporate name of Trilogy Promotions Inc.. The ThoughtWurx moniker was introduced in 2013 as one of several stand-alone brand names or projects currently under our management and control.

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