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ThoughtWurx | Red Mile Media | Fred May Legacy Studios

Members and non-members alike now have access to our full-service multimedia video production studio in the heart of downtown Calgary. Space Central members enjoy free access time and special discounts so see the Memberships page for details. 



Much of our state-of-the-art production studio equipment we now have was purchased from Mr. Fred May in March 2022 after his retirement from a 48-year career in broadcast television operating out of his studio in Old's Alberta, Canada. His five decades of expertise is being honoured through our passionate utilization of the very equipment he used to help shape the airwaves of Central Alberta.  To see his former broadcast channel in action, visit where you can view several Video on Demand productions he made with the very equipment we now utilize at our studio in Space Central (see the VOD page.)

With nearly a quarter million dollars worth of high-end audio/video production equipment, lighting gear, and digital software on hand, we continue catering to the very entrepreneurial spirit of this province and aim to further the message of many leading-edge companies looking for a local, national, or international voice. 


Our focus is on creating on-demand business-oriented video content for Space Central including corporate profiles, video commercials and infomercials, audio and video podcasts, social media channel content, and educational personal development programming for businesses and individuals alike. These are featured on the Space Central Television channel which is a 24/7/365 Video-on-Demand business showcase of featured local businesses that have a unique story to tell or a new product or service to introduce to the world.



Space Central TV

24/7 On-Demand
Featured Business Programming 


CHANNEL, show segment, and single episode sponsors now have the opportunity for embedded perpetual ads or short-term monthly sponsored ads to support our programming and subsidize content production. This is a tremendous opportunity to have your brand featured on this business showcase while enjoying perpetual advertising for the life of the posted video. 


We are seeking interested sponsors, businesses, and podcasters to be interviewed right now. The first 24 clients of each category will receive a substantial promotional discount to be one of our early adopters in 2024. Contact Us today to learn more.

The videos and playlists below showcase some of the very equipment and capabilities we now use at ThoughtWurx studios at Space Central. 

Space Central TV.png

Our Studio

Here are some photos of the ThoughtWurx Studios at Space Central in the CIBN Den.

Tricaster TCDX 850 Virtual Set Demo

Check out this demo video of the Tri-Caster TCXD 850 virtual set creator and special effects generator that forms the very core of our production studio's capabilities. Whether we use the live in-studio 24 channel recording functionality or the post-recording production capabilities of the Tri-Caster TCXD 850, your final edited video will be of the utmost studio quality. This is the same equipment used by many of the top mainstream news studios including Fox News.

Click the button below to see a YouTube playlist of some of the equipment we currently utilize in the media facility. 


A Revolutionary WAAY to Produce Live News

Our ThoughtWurx Studio at Space Central Studio utilizes the very same high-end professional editing and broadcast capable technology that mainstream media news outlets such as this ABC News affiliate use to bring you the daily news. We can provide you with the highest quality professional results at a fraction of the price of traditional set-based video productions. The image above is one of the 100 built-in virtual sets that allow us to add millions to your brand's perceived value! The only part of that set that is real is the announcer. The rest is computer generated and the subject is filmed in front of a green screen on LIVE television!


BONUS: Space Central memberships now include FREE studio time each month to help you get started! Check out the Studio specific memberhsips and get your production started this month!


STORY: When the ABC affiliate, WAAY-TV decided to transition from standard-def. to hi-def. they faced a typical local station challenge—they needed to create the most visually dynamic and competitive HD newscasts on a very limited budget. After extensive research, they chose TriCaster.

Using TriCaster in a new and innovative way, the engineering team at WAAY connected two TriCasters together; using one for broadcast and live streaming, and the other for delivering video and still images.

But it was TriCaster’s integrated virtual set system that ultimately tipped the scales. The production team at WAAY now had access to the built-in virtual sets that they could customize to their programming. Finally, they could do what they always wanted to do with their studios, without the added cost of set builds and additional space.

Every day, WAAY is finding new and exciting ways that TriCaster can enhance their workflow and help them create newscasts that are even more appealing to their viewers.

The TriCaster 850 serves as WAAY’s main production switcher, and its two DDR’s and DSK’s serve as a dual-channel HD graphics system. Situated right next to it is the TriCaster 300, which essentially serves as a dual-channel HD server capable of delivering both video and still images to the on-set monitors. Its program and “aux” outputs feed video and graphics to two 50-inch LCD monitors on the news set.

The vision to use TriCaster in this very innovative way was the brainchild of Jonathan Crowe, WAAY’s chief engineer. “By taking full advantage of the capabilities inherent in TriCaster, WAAY is spared buying separate components, like the HD switcher, graphics, and server system,” Crowe said. “Those three components are among the biggest expenses in any live HD production control room, and this functionality is already factored in TriCaster’s incomparable price-performance.”

While WAAY is not the first TV station to use TriCaster for live productions, they are now in the vanguard—and possibly the only one—using it to produce live HD newscasts. WAAY’s production staff now produces 5.5 hours of live daily news as well as two hours of news on both Saturdays and Sundays. These newscasts are rich with live video clips, full-screen graphics, over the shoulder graphics, lower third supers, effects like picture in picture, virtual sets, and switching three studio cameras.


Prior to joining WAAY in July 2011, Crowe served as an engineering consultant to WAAY, advising the station management team on the best way to implement their HD news transition strategy. He suggested going with TriCaster based on his years of experience and familiarity working with it in his previous jobs, including as a systems engineer for a NewTek reseller in Birmingham.

“I told them, ‘I know a product that will answer our concerns more cost-effectively than any other option out there,’” said Crowe. “While I didn’t know of other stations using TriCaster specifically for live news, I explained the benefits of doing something far more ambitious than other stations were doing.”

“The demo met with healthy skepticism,” Crowe said. “They were like, ‘A), I’m having a hard time believing how much this thing can do considering B) how much it costs, and if it’s so great, then C) why aren’t other stations using it this way?’”

Before making a decision, WAAY explored other equipment options, including comparably-priced integrated production solutions that compete head-on with TriCaster. But one of the key features that tipped the scales in favor of TriCaster was its integrated virtual set system. While other systems promised this capability, Crowe said those virtual sets just turned out to be glorified chromakeyers.

“TriCaster’s integrated nature makes it capable of doing so many things. And we’re not painted into a corner the way we would be with discreet components that only do specific functions. This frees up capital for other items on our wish list, like a new commercial play-out server or hi-def router,” said Crowe. “And we’re always discovering new ways that TriCaster improved or streamlines our workflow. There’s a tremendous depth to this system that we’re still exploring.”

What does a virtual live recording look like when using the Tricaster?


Studio Services Available to Space Central Members

Broadcast Video Camera

FREE Studio, Podcast, Equipment Rental, or Production Time

  • INCLUDED with most membership levels is 1-5 unit hours per month of production services in the ThoughtWurx Studio or Podcast Room. Units hours can be allocated to equipment rental, HD camera use, virtual set production, green screen work, broadcast/podcast services, or preproduction and/or post-production editing services including animations, graphic design, or sound engineering. Additional rental time is available at the relevant discount rate.

DISCOUNTED Studio, Podcast, Equipment Rental, or Production Time

  • Additional unit hours are available at relevant membership level discount rates ranging from 10-50% (see each membership option for details*).

A wide range of services are available for anyone to enjoy. Non-members pay the posted rates less any current promotional discounts offered. Members use their personal discount code at the time of booking to receive their unique member discount. While not an exhaustive list of possible services and rates, here is a sample of some of the standard rates we offer.

Typical Studio Rental Rates:

  • $100/hr: One professional recording angle from our Sony HD digital camera with fixed or mobile tracking tripod and professional camera operator. Also included is lighting, green screen, audio, and teleprompter (programming time is extra).

  • $100/hr: Virtual set design and pre-production or post-production editing with raw footage (either recorded by us or client supplied).

  • $100/hr: Mock interviews with various live set options from standing, seated, office desk, tabletop, or causal chair simulations, with or without green screen matte.

  • $150/hr: Third-party professional interviewer or reporter with script. 

  • $100 hr: Audio and video engineering services of user-supplied or studio recorded content. Special effects, titling, graphic logo animation, and PowerPoint simulations are some of the services we can provide.

  • $500/hr: (1 hour free with first booking) Full studio standard rate package includes up to 3 camera angles with operators, lighting, green screen, audio, teleprompter (programming is extra), and Tri-Caster TCXD 850 Virtual Set Creator (see demo video playlist above). Pre-production planning and post-production editing is included. At the full studio standard rate, members would pay for their monthly membership fee after just 2 hours of use. 

  • $500 On-site production set-up and tear-down: We are available to bring our gear to you for production on-location on your site. Our fee to bring our gear to you includes service within the Calgary city limits. Remote locations are subject to time and distance charges in addition to the on-site fee. 

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