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Software & Consulting Services that we Offer by Subscription

Whether you need ongoing website maintenance support, business consulting or secret shopping services, or you want to enroll in one of our membership platforms, this portal will allow you to choose a monthly or annual subscription plan that wurx for you. You may subscribe using any major credit card or your PayPal account.

To subscribe to one of our service plans in either CAD or USD, simply click the Subscribe button for your local currency and you will be taken directly to the Stripe shopping cart checkout. Stripe is our preferred default method of payment. However, if you prefer to use the PayPal interface instead, click the PayPal subscribe button where you will have the option to use your credit card with or without creating a Free PayPal account, or you may login into a new or current PayPal account. (Note: if a selection is unavailable when clicking a button, then we may have not yet coded the cart for that option. Please choose another option or Contact Us.) 


One-time use plans allow YOU to set the maximum amount available to spend on maintenance tasks. Unused balances don't expire and can be used for any service work in the future. Subscribing to a recurring plan will establish a built-in 50% savings on the hourly rate on a monthly, quarterly (saves additional 10%), or annual (saves additional 15%) billing cycle plan that will continue until cancelled by you.


Note: unused service hours per cycle are not carried forward to the next cycle so choose your plan according to your anticipated needs. If we exceed the available hours in a cycle, your plan can be always be topped up between cycles if excess maintenance was required during the current billing cycle.


To cancel a subscription, contact us within 30 days of your next billing date.


Our normal hourly development fee is $100.

Recurring subscriptions offer a 50%- 79% discount off the standard hourly rate.

Monthly Subscriptions

One-Time Purchase


$ User Specified

Website Maintenance - One Time Purchase

Includes any number of hours of website maintenance at the rate of $25 per 15 minutes

Once your website has been created, you will often find the need to revise, update, and delete information from the site as your needs, promotions, offerings, and price points change. If you find that you just don't have the time to update your new self-manageable website we created for you, our handy open service contract provides one-time maintenance without the need to provide you with additional or recurring invoices. We track our service time and send you a summary invoice of the specific work performed. This is a job-specific service and can be used to top up a service subscription contract or for a one-time job that needs doing without the need for ongoing work.

Effective rate is $100.00/hr.

Quarterly Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions

This PayPal section is under development. Use button links in the table above to subscribe.

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