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The Wealth Academy

Project: E-Learning Platform

We began a multi-year development project of an online e-Learning financial education platform called, The Wealth Academy, under The Wealth Coaches brand. The project has so far involved conceptualization, creation, and development of 33+ course outlines and title graphics to represent each course that will be offered to student subscribers throughout North America for decades to come.

Creation of video content, PowerPoint slides shows, downloadable handouts, and all written copy will be integral to the content of each course.

Multiple embedded Payment Gateways and shopping cart items to accept subscriptions were also designed to allow for in-person and off-platform enrollments using Square, PayPal, and Stripe allowing for the widest variety of possibilities for course registrations.

Affiliate coupon codes and marketing partnership programs are being created to allow independent consultants an opportunity to earn extra income by driving course sales to their personal network of prospects.

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project, is the introduction of a Development and Marketing Licencing program designed to offer independent visionaries the unique and exclusive opportunity to help in the funding and R&D of each course, in exchange for full-platform lifetime enrollment and a perpetual royalty commission on future sales of each course they sponsor and help develop.

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