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Video Thoughtcast Production

In-studio or virtual Live Set video Thoughtcast™

Video Thoughtcast Production

Save 20% (on each order of 6 or more)

Our Regular Rate:

$120 - $500 per episode (select a run-time of 5 - 60 min)

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Podcasters, news reporters, talk show hosts, educators, business owners, and even politicians who want to get their message out in the most professional manner possible, but who lack the +$100K budget to outfit their own fully-equipped production studio with virtual sets, green screen technology, multiple digital camera angles, teleprompter, warm TV lighting, soundboard mics and mixers, professional interviewers, and pre- and post-production editing equipment, are often left to hire very pricey third-party producers who charge $500 - $2500/hr or ever more. UNTIL NOW!

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What is a ThoughtCast™?

A ThoughtCast™ is an audio or video recording of your thoughts about any subject that you wish to broadcast to the world, either as a live feed or as a published edited recording. Use it for corporate interviews, product and service demos, teaching and training, talk shows, event promotion, business profiles, infomercials, and more. 

It may be produced in many forms such as a traditional audio-only podcast (like a radio show) published to Podbean, Spotify, Apple Play, or other popular podcasting platforms, or as a live in-studio video feed to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or other video hosting site. A video ThoughtCast™ production encompasses both audio and video, utilizing television studio quality broadcast recording equipment. We output both podcast style audio-only MP3 files AND full 1080 HD video files from the same production to allow publishing to both styles of hosting platforms. 

Limited only to your imagination and budget, your ThoughtCast™ is all about you.

The Service

Utilizing professional broadcast quality studio equipment from a retired independent news television producer in 2022, ThoughtWurx acquired his now decommissioned studio and have teamed up with Space Central to offer clients a unique AND affordable professional Video ThoughtCast™ Production service in a REAL studio setting for a fraction of the typical studio production cost. We are passing on our very timely and fortunate equipment acquistion savings to our clients to stimulate content creation for our numerous broadcast channels by offering our studio services at BELOW COST!

Our ThoughtCast™ concept takes short-form video messaging to the masses by allowing content creators to present their message in a video profile or mini-infomercial-style YouTube-ready attention grabber video production of up to 20 minutes. Longer productions are available but these teaser videos are designed to grab your audience's attention and leave them asking for more. These ThoughtCasts are an ideal way to launch a regular series of episodes to help creators build a following around a themed product, service, advertising campaign, or idealogical message. 

We can make your corporate commercial, interview, educational program, political pitch, talk show, corporate product/service demo, or any such studio video production shine just like the big mainstream TV and news shows do. In fact, we use the same production switcher and virtual Live Set technology solution that an ABC News affiliate in Florida uses for its daily newscasts! See our Studio tab to learn more our TriCaster 850.

What's Included?

Included for FREE with each ThoughtCast™. 

  • a personal profile setup

  • storyboarding

  • titling and graphics preparation

  • virtual set template customization and branding

  • teleprompter programming

  • lighting and sound set-up

  • up to 3 camera angles or 2 camera angles + 1 virtual remote camera feed

  • green screen backdrop with virtual set chromakey technology

  • show director / producer

  • pre- and post-production editing (total of 2 hrs included). 

You can choose pre-recorded, live webcast, or even a live audience setting to suit your purpose.

To encourage ThoughtCasters to produce several episodes along a set theme, we currently offer a volume discount to produce a series of 6 or more committed episodes. If you have only one show to produce, that's fine too. No job is too small as we want to help a limited number of entreprenuers get startered this year at the best rates in the industry!

A typical production is designed as a quick 10-12 minute finished video Thoughtcast™. You choose the topic, we help you storyboard and create the video. 

Pricing is based around the assumption that each production will be within this approximate time frame. For longer production runs, simply select the appropriate option from the shopping cart or request extra time based on an hourly basis of $100.

What WE need

You provide the graphical text, images, background video, powerpoint slides, your contact information, any website and file download links, the teleprompter script to be read by you and/or the producer/interviewer, and then we create a virtual set design and production schedule to suit your brand, image, and overall needs. We book the time in the  ThoughtWurx | Space Central studios and set aside up to 2 hours of pre- and post-production editing and filming time to help you present your message effectively. Make-up, clothing, hair, and grooming is your responsiblity. Oh yeah, and DON'T WEAR ANY GREEN COLORS or you will pull a Harry Potter invisibility cloak disappearing act, if you know what we mean!


You will receive a master finished copy of your production (MP4 and MP3) for posting on your own video hosting or podcasting platform. We will even host your video for you on our channels and blast our social media with the appropriate announcements to highlight your video.


Space Central is offering FREE hosting on its 24/7 VOD (Video on Demand) Television station and YouTube channel with the option to have your video subsidized with third-party paid promotional advertising embedded within your production. 

Save yourself a fortune in time, money, and equipment by choosing to have the experts at ThoughtWurx create your one-of-a-kind Video Thoughtcast™ Production today.

Special Offer

The first 24 podcast clients in 2024 to order a series of 6 or more weekly productions will earn at least a 20% or $50 per episode discount when placing an order prior to the first day of summer. There is no upper limit to the number of sessions one can order so stock up now and use up your sessions anytime within one year! The coupon code Bundle6Save20 will be automatically applied when completing the shopping cart purchase.

2024 Summer Special

Limited offer for the first 24 clients by September 22

Save 20% (on each order of 6 or more)

Receive a progressive volume discount when buying 6 or more items of this service. There is no upper limit to the number of episodes that can be ordered at this discount rate, but each order placed must be at least 6 episodes at one time to qualify. This offer is only available for the first 24 clients to subscribe during the summer of 2024. 

This is at least a 20% or $50 per episode ordered discount.

This special withers away on the first day of fall so be sure to take advantage of it before the leaves start to crumble beneath your feet.

Offer Expires:

September 22, 2024


Ready to Order?

To purchase this service in either CAD or USD, simply click the Buy Now button for your local currency and you will be taken directly to the Stripe shopping cart checkout. This is our preferred default method of payment using Stripe. However, if you prefer to use the PayPal interface instead, click the PayPal Buy button where you will have the option to use your credit card without creating a Free PayPal account, or you may login into a new or current PayPal account.


(Note: if a selection is unavailable when clicking a button, then we may have not yet coded the cart for that option. Please choose another option or Contact Us to have it created.) 

Note: Not all services can be self-ordered through our online store; such services will be invoiced directly. CANADA ONLY: If you are in Canada and ordering just this single service in $CAD, you may also use the Single Item Quick Order button. If you are ordering more than one service, choose the Online Store for Multi-item Orders button to add items to the shopping cart.


For all credit card payments, a fee of 3-4% will be included in the Tax line item at checkout to cover our merchant processing costs. Upon request of an invoice, this transaction fee can be avoided by paying directly by e-transfer. Payments are fulfilled via Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

See our services tab for more information on other ancillary services you may require.

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