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Strategic Capital Funding Action Plan

You need a plan to attract powerful funds

Strategic Capital Funding Action Plan

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Is your business looking to expand, launch a new product or service, purchase a building, hire more staff, open a new call centre, or do you have some other plan that requires significant capital investment, and you don't know where to turn first? Perhaps you have a business or project that is in need of third party capital financing, private debt or equity investment, crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investment, strategic partnerships, government grants, or other sources of funding? Let us help point you in the right direction with a proper Strategic Capital Funding Action Plan prepared by our veteran funding specialist.

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Our corporate financing specialist will consult with you for 30 hours over a 90-day period to help guide you in the steps required to prepare an investment funding package that can be used to help market, promote, and secure financing from amongst the following possible sources:


  • Debt / Equity Financing / Non-Bank Options

  • Asset-Based Lending/Venture

  • Capital / SBIC's / Investment Banking

  • Angel Investors

  • CrowdFunding

  • Private Equity Placements

  • Strategic Funding Partners

  • Government Loans and Grants

Our specialist has 20+ years experience in the field of capital financing and will be able to walk you through the crucial steps to determining and locating feasible funding sources for your business. Benefit from his wealth of knowledge and personal experience to help you navigate the various landmines of business funding, while you present your best case to prospective financers.

The tasks to be performed will include:

  • Advising you with regard to Determining and Locating Feasible Funding Sources.

  • Utilizing our area of experienced involvement including our extensive connection to and relationships in the above funding areas.

  • Educating you on industry-best practices to aid in the achievement of your objectives.

  • Recommending to you various products, services, and strategies offered by us and other strategic vendors or suppliers, that may help you to successfully execute the suggested fundraising plan. 

  • Creating a project flow timeline in the form of a GANTT Chart or similar tracking system. See our Project Management service page.

  • Providing a S.W.O.T. analysis to aid in arriving at the proper narrative, Facts & Figures to seek a suitable Funding Source. 

  • Providing a written Strategic Capital Funding Action Plan detailing all of the above. 


Based on his recommendations, we have the in-house capability to build all the marketing and multimedia collateral you may require to help you present your proposal in the best ways possible.

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2024 Summer Special

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Offer Expires:

September 22, 2024


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