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Flip Book Animation

We turn ordinary files into glossy digital magazines

Flip Book Animation

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$199 one-time library set-up fee includes first file; $49 per document thereafter

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Flip Books, also known as Page Curls, or Page Turn Animations, are the must-have addition to your digital arsenal because PDFs no longer cut it. They can't engage your audience, boost marketing and sales efforts, or let you measure content performance. Interactive online flipbooks with custom branding, videos, and music can do it all and so much more! See for yourself...

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In today's dynamic, multimedia-saturated, web-based marketing environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd with your online messaging. However, there is one very exciting technology that is revolutionizing the way viewers consume content like Adobe PDF's. We take your original content created on the most common platforms such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other common software, and convert it to both printable PDF's AND the new FLIPBOOK, PAGE TURN, and PAGE CURL formats for high-engagement online content.

A page turn effect or flipbook is a technique widely used in PDFs to create an illusion of animation. It is the process of turning pages in a document so that it looks like a real book. This effect can also be created from content produced by programs such as Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, and Illustrator.

If you ever have browsed an everyday glossy page magazine, you will know how the look, feel and texture is unique, tactile, and surprisingly satisfying as the pages bend and curl under your fingertips while you flip through the pages. There is also the unique sound of curling paper which is unmistakable with a book or a magazine. Thanks to modern technology, the same look, sound, and feel can be replicated on a computer or mobile device.

We take your original content, convert it to common PDF format, and render it into the online flipbook technology and then host it within a proprietary platform that is branded to the look and feel of your business. Each book, magazine, digital brochure, instructional manual, or other such content is then placed on a digital bookcase within categories allowing your users to pick and choose the digital content they wish to read.

Check out these link examples:

ThoughtWurx Library home page

ThoughtWurx Bookcase

The Wealth Coaches Bookcase

There are numerous additional programming features possible such as hyperlinking, embedded videos, animation, SEO analytics, password protection, social media sharing, and much more that is available to developers like us who create client content using this new medium. We believe this is a transformative technology that drastically increases the readability of published content on your website.

Below you will find links to several created page flip style animations that have been created for different clients across diverse industries. Take some time to flip through them and start imagining the possibilities for your business. Then, reach out to us to get your first document created. Once you have seen the first simple brochure like ours, you will find numerous other documents that you want published in this format. Clients rarely go back to the old ways once they have experienced this new digital solution.

Here are some other key benefits of the technology:

  • AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT Keep your clients engaged from the first page to the last with lifelike digital flipbooks with embedded videos, images, outbound links.

  • BRAND INTEGRITY Flipbooks become an extension of your brand with a clickable logo and branded publication links.

  • LEAD GENERATION Collect leads within your flipbooks with a built-in lead capture form. Gather any info you want: lead name, email, phone number, and more.

  • MARKETING BOOST Reinforce your marketing with SEO-friendly flipbooks. Plus, you can analyze content with built-in stats and improve it based on those insights.

  • POWERFUL SALES With trackable sales proposals, you'll know how leads interact with your content, receive open notifications via email, and follow up at the right moment.

  • SEAMLESS TEAMWORK Empower your team: work on flipbooks across shared folders; integrate with CRMs, email services, and other apps for smoother workflows.

Here are some links to sample Page Curl Flip Book animations:


The initial account set-up and library programming takes 2-3 hours to fully create. This will establish a branded website landing page like this for your library content and categories that will contain your books on unique digital bookshelves. This interface is then programmed for an html embed into your website. The fee for the initial setup is $199 and icludes the first document.

Once programmed, each document that you need converted to a flipbook is then converted to PDF and rendered into the proper format, posted into your library, organised onto the digital bookshelf, and the shareable links provided to you. Each document is only $50 per conversion. If you notice a mistake or need to revise the document with updated content after initial publication, there is no need to change links, QR codes, or embeds since we simply need to re-render the content and update the file in your library. 

NOTE: Updates are charged as a new file so please ensure accuracy of the PDF proof we send you prior to publication! 

In the shopping cart, simply select the option you are purchasing and pay the required fee in the currency of your country. Once paid, upload your digital content to our shared folder using the button at the bottom of the page. Kindly send us an email to let us know when your content has been submitted and we will begin the conversion process ASAP. 

Project turnaround time can be as little as 2 hours depending on our scheduling, with typical projects completed within 24 hours.

Special Offer

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2024 Summer Special

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Save 25%

First-time clients of this service receive the posted discount for any order placed during the offer period using the coupon code shown below. Service must be booked and/or prepaid by the offer expiry date. To secure the promotional rate now, click on the Order button above, then enter the following coupon code on the last page of the checkout to secure your discount.


The service must be commenced within 30 days.

This special withers away on the first day of fall so be sure to take advantage of it before the leaves start to crumble beneath your feet.

Offer Expires:

September 22, 2024


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For all credit card payments, a fee of 3-4% will be included in the Tax line item at checkout to cover our merchant processing costs. Upon request of an invoice, this transaction fee can be avoided by paying directly by e-transfer. Payments are fulfilled via Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

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