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Digital Business Card Creation

Don't exchange paper when you can e-share

Digital Business Card Creation

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$299 per card

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What ARE your DIGITAL ASSETS? Anything that is . . . " D I G I T A L . . . Your Profile Picture, Facebook Banners, Twitter Profile, InstaGram, and YOUTube, just to name a few! We live in a D I G I T A L WORLD... Why not roll out your DIGITAL ''REDCARPET " and TELL YOUR STORY by "Unveiling Your DIGITAL ASSETS" to the WORLD with a Digital Business Card?

Additional Details

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In this age of digital, we are increasingly noticing that fewer and fewer businesspeople, especially those under 40, are carrying physical business cards anymore. At networking meetings, trade shows, conferences, and even with everyday interactions, many admit to not having a business card but rather prefer to enter the prospect lead into their digital rolodex, their smart phone. "I'll text you my info" is the typical routine response.

But, in the hustle and bustle of daily life and with the hundreds of messages we send and receive each week, this once promising exchange often gets lost in the shuffle. Agreed-upon follow-up dates get missed, appointments get dropped, information is lost, and that hot lead fizzles out and is effectively dropped into the digital dust bin equivalent of a pile of business cards on a desk, "out of sight, out of mind."


Enter the Shuffle Digital Business card by Elify. No more will you be caught without a business card or left wondering if the person will ever call you or just drop the card in the nearest waste basket on the way out. Now, with this ultracool modern technology, you are back in control with the best and simplest lead management system on the market. 

Instant Sharing

Shuffle allows you to collect and share business cards immediately with new prospects. You will have their contact info right in your phone and you will know they will have yours. QR Codes, Near Field Communincation (NFC), bluetooth, email, and SMS are all ways you can share your card on the spot. 

Outstanding Metrics

  • Take notes about the new contact as you enter the card in your app. 

  • Send programmed campaigns to your new contact that are specific to their interest, based on custom tags that you set. 

  • Know exactly when the recipient opens one of your 10 digital cards everytime in the future!

  • Receive visual notification on your call display if the contact ever calls you, even if the person was not initially added to your address book.

  • Understand which links are being activated and what campains are the most popular.  

  • Reuse the same links for recurring events like seminars that might change so that users always see the latest content without needing to receive a new prompt.

These are just some of the many features available to you as a Shuffle Digital Card user.

See the links below to some of our currently active cards. 

We can help you set up an account, design your first card, and guide you on how to manage your cards going forward. One of our main designers has decades of valuable marketing experience.




Our DQB has been developing DIGITAL ASSETS and PORTFOLIOS for many years with high profile clients such as AEC - Now ... ENCANA, American Ethanol, the City of Calgary (w International PPT Pres), FLUOR DANIEL CANADA, and many others. She has also done App Design for small businesses and even Website Design for Western Electrical (a multi-million dollar company) just to name a few!

Kathy (KitKat) Trachuk is here to offer our clients a proper GOOD - LOOKING PORTFOLIO... Yes, a PORTFOLIO that " SHOWCASES ... YOUR " DIGITAL " ASSETS ...and Your Personalized " STORYBOARDS " to set the DIGITAL Stage !

TIRED of " SPINNING YOUR WHEELS " and want to have a

. . . CLEARER  MESSAGE . . . ?

After public speaking and many years of Consulting, KitKat is learned that HELPING WOMEN to Grow their Businesses and Offering Graphic / Web and APP Design (with Small to Medium to Multi-Million Dollar Companies), the common denominator IS more Clients, more CA$H FLOW and more Followers. Sounds Interesting?

Let's . . . WALK the WALK ... together . . . .by Creating a MASTERPIECE of your Professional Services that will make PEOPLE'S Heads Turn ! ! !

We can EASYILY implement DQB in 3 SIMPLE STEPS . . . to start SEEING RESULTS right away...

We invite you to join us and watch YOUR COMPANY . . . SOAR !

We recommend solutions SUCH AS:

1. DIGITAL Signatures...for EMAIL

2. DBC - Digital Business Card


Making H E A D S ... " T U R N " on your D I G I T A L ...R U N W A Y that " Knock Your SOCKS Off"!

CLICK HERE to see her sample card. 

Be sure to view it both on a mobile and desktop device to see how it auto-formats for perfect layup everytime!

Here are more samples of our many digital business card productions.

We help you to build a really cool digital business card and contact manager that will save you hours of follow-up lead management and boost your bottom line. 

What You Need

The first thing you need to start your digital business card is an account and subsciption to the Shuffle™ by Elify digital business card service. Simply visit our affiliate link here to get registered on that platform using our discount invite code (9818522311). You may choose a monthly or annual Shuffle™ subscription and you will SAVE 33% off the regular rate by using our affiliate link. Choosing to pay upfront annually is the best choice as it will give you 2 months free every year. Included with the system are 10 digital business cards to give you plenty of room for expansion to add additional cards later. 

What We Need

  1. We require a signed Digital Business Card Creation Agreement like the one included in the sample contract button above. We will personlize it with your details and send you a digital copy to sign on your desktop or mobile device.

  2. Next, you need to make payment using the Order Now button above or one of the other options below.

  3. We need your login credentials, the username and password for your Elify account, so we can create your card within your own profile.

  4. We need you to provide us with any graphics, logos, pictures, videos or video links, text, PDF's, or file links that you would like included on your digital card. 

What You Get

  1. We start by creating your Elify profile from scratch, if you haven't already created one.

  2. We choose a starting template to suit your brand and help you choose a logical marketing flow, possibly including multiple cards, to help your business present the best brand image.

  3. We then get to work creating your beautiful Digital Business Card solution. We program your card using our extensive business experience and the information provided in the previous section to maximize your marketing results.

  4. We publish your card and teach you how to use it effectively to enhance your sales and lead follow-up processes. 

To have us answer any remaining questions or for help with the above, please Contact Us today to learn more and to get started!

Special Offer

Space Central and CIBN members Save Up to $200 on the setup fee with the purchase of any qualifying membership.

Ongoing Offer

See Space Central's website for specific discounts

Variable Discounts

Space Central members have specific coupon codes that can be used for ongoing discounts with ThoughtWurx. Discounts range from 10% - 50% off regular price, or a lump sum discount as shown above, whichever is higher. Please visit the Space Central members resource tab under your specific membership plan to get the unique discount promo code for use here. 

This Offer is ongoing and subject to change per the Space Central membership program and is valid as long as you hold an active subscription.

Offer Expires:

September 22, 2024

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(Note: if a selection is unavailable when clicking a button, then we may have not yet coded the cart for that option. Please choose another option or Contact Us to have it created.) 

Note: Not all services can be self-ordered through our online store; such services will be invoiced directly. CANADA ONLY: If you are in Canada and ordering just this single service in $CAD, you may also use the Single Item Quick Order button. If you are ordering more than one service, choose the Online Store for Multi-item Orders button to add items to the shopping cart.


For all credit card payments, a fee of 3-4% will be included in the Tax line item at checkout to cover our merchant processing costs. Upon request of an invoice, this transaction fee can be avoided by paying directly by e-transfer. Payments are fulfilled via Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

See our services tab for more information on other ancillary services you may require.

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