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Branded Crosswords

BRANDuzzle™ | Batteries Not Required

Branded Crosswords

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Here are some samples of BRANDuzzle™ Branded Crosswords™ we have created for our first client. 

The Wealth Coaches: Vol 1: Issue 1

The Wealth Coaches: Vol 1: Issue 2

The Wealth Coaches: Vol 1: Issue 3

See the Financial Literacy Crossword Puzzles section on The Wealth Coaches website to see how these puzzles are integrated into their website homepage with reverse linkages back to this page. 

Join the fun and engaging online puzzle community at to play these puzzles and more. Choose from an ever-growing collection of BRANDuzzles created exclusively by ThoughtWurx.


Are you looking for that one ultracool marketing edge idea that will set you apart from your competitors, enhance client engagement, boost customer retention, and provide a long-term hook that keeps your customers interested in your brand, all while letting them have fun as they help you build your brand? Well, look no further. Conceived and developed by Thought Wurx, our newest business venture and its Branded Crosswords™ are the latest trend to hit the marketing world in 2023. That's right, we got inspired by chance one night while watching an early Sandra Bullock movie where she played the role of a crossword puzzle creator (All About Steve). Add in some custom branding and a little creativity and bam, it was so simple we couldn't believe it hadn't been done before!

Additional Details

(be sure to also view the Resources above)

Here's how this innovative marketing program works. We simply take the highly popular early 20th century marketing concept of newspaper crossword puzzles and add a splash of custom branding with your logos and some written copy, and we create a 12-month marketing campaign of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly issues that you insert into a variety of platforms such as your published newsletter, an email shoutout, or a website embed. Your marketing team then announces your latest crossword puzzle issue on your branded social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn Business, Instagram, or Pinterest to name but a few. 

This novel idea will enhance your brand recognition like nothing else!

Why Crossword Puzzles?

  1. Readers love them and they look forward to the next issue.

  2. They improve the reader's vocabulary regarding the featured topic.

  3. They provide a business with the opportunity to teach, promote, and embed offers.

  4. Readers are enticed to come back for more (puzzles are addictive)!

  5. Offer perpetual advertising potential when posted to the community.

How Our Service Works

  1. You provide us with your logo and a short 150-word commentary about your business that will be placed on the backside of the 2-sided crossword puzzle (see the examples in the linked documents table above).

  2. Tell us what industry classification you are in.

  3. Provide a list of up to 25 words and short hints tailored to your specific industry or business (Example 1. WORD: Capital Gains  HINT: The term used for the profit made selling a stock or other tangible asset.  Example 2: WORD: ThoughtWurx: HINT: The company that created the BRANDuzzle™ Branded Crosswords™ marketing idea).

  4. Specify the information you wish to collect from the reader (e.g., name, phone, email) and the incentive for sending it back to you (e.g., submissions will earn a FREE Personal Financial Review valued at $200).

  5. Advise us of your desired publication schedule of how often you wish to create a new puzzle (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and whether or not you need print reproduction services and how many copies you need printed. 

  6. Pay the fees and choose a campaign subscription plan if requesting more than the intial BRANDuzzle™ publication. 

  7. We create the sequentially numbered crossword puzzle template using your supplied words and hints starting with Vol 1: Issue 1. NOTE: If you don't supply these, we will create a generic set of words and hints using your chosen industry or topic. (e.g., web design, medical terminology, gardening techniques, financial services terms, web design, etc.).

  8. We custom brand the puzzle using your supplied graphics and text, we add a footer with links to your website, and ensure proper formatting of the document.

  9. Finally, we deliver the file as a high-quality print-ready PDF that can be shared anywhere or sent to a professional printer for mass reproduction.

Where to Publish

Once the master file has been created and finalized, it's time to consider where, when, and how to publish your custom BRANDuzzle™ Branded Crosswords™ creation.  Here are some of the ideas we suggest, but many more possibilities exist and are limited only by your creativity. 

IDEA: when publishing in print media, consider driving users to your website or to the next issue to find the Solution to the puzzle, rather than providing the answers on the same publication. We can divide the file into the current puzzle on one side and the prior issue's solution on the backside. This technique will help drive repeat reader engagement and build long-term brand recognition

  1. Local coffee shops, restaurants, medical offices, service facilities

  2. Mainstream newspapers

  3. Industry Trade Magazines

  4. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms

  5. Handouts at networking events, tradeshows, and hosted seminars

  6. Your website home page to drive repeat visits

  7. Embed in your newsletters (physical or digital)

  8. Leave in waiting rooms of other businesses (with permission)

  9. Post on the crossword puzzle website. We will upload your puzzle onto the public database to be viewed and shared by anyone world-wide. This provides you with perpetual advertising potential to help drive long-term sales and brand recognition. What a great offer!

We recommend creating a regularly scheduled publication of new crossword puzzles because once a reader gets hooked on playing, he or she will come back repeatedly to find the next issue. Crossword puzzle books are a multimillion-dollar industry for a reason - PEOPLE LOVE THEM! 

With our BRANDuzzle™ Branded Crosswords™ you get to capitalize on the crossword puzzle popularity while you educate your clients about your business and industry as they solve your personalized puzzles. Such a marketing campaign will provide you with an unparalleled marketing opportunity to upsell more of what you offer including on-line e-learning courses and seminars to enhance customer education. 

To get started, contact us today by phone, email, or by filling out the intake form below. Be sure to visit and join the fun.

Special Offer

Space Central members receive an automatic $200 discount on the one-time template set-up fee using their personal membership promo code at the time of purchase. Visit the membership page to learn more about their Private On-Demand Flexible Communal Space by Subscription model they have and to enroll in one of the options. Not quite sure yet? Enroll within 30 days of your BRANDuzzle™ purchase and we will credit your Space Central account with $200 to apply towards your subsequent membership fees. NOW that's on offer you simply can't refuse!

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