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Ruckify Profile & Item Listings

Ruckify Profile & Item Listings

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Regular rates apply

Our Regular Rate:

$99 account profile + first listing; add $39 per additional listing

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Live Example:

Check out the personal Rückify storefront of James Steele.

Referral Program: Create a new account on Rückify using my special referral link or type in my referral code JAMESSTEELE, and you will instantly Earn $25 Ruckbucks that you can use towards your first rental. 


Rückify, which recently joined forces with Fat Llama, is like the AirBnB of personal rentals and is the leading peer-to-peer online rental marketplace enabling people to list or rent all manners of items that are sitting idle or are disused. Rückify was created to reduce the destructive environmental impact of traditional systems of production by keeping products and equipment in use for longer. Rückify makes it easy for people to connect on a single community-based platform to rent and reuse a broad selection of items instead of buying new. Owners create custom profiles to list their items within their own personal branded storefront using the excellent web-based platform provided. However, there is a bit of a learning curve involved in setting up your profile and listing your first rental item which may be a bit of a hurdle for some less tech-savvy owners. Having developed our own extensive online store and being so impressed with the sharing concept, we noticed that Rückify does not currently provide such a tech support service so, seeing a niche market opportunity, we offered to provide this service to new owners in need of technical assistance. We call our profile and listing set-up service RÜCK | WURX™. What better way to experience Rückify than to rent our service on the platform to help you turn your stuff into cash flow? ThoughtWurx helps owners like you who are new to the platform, eliminate the learning curve by creating your entire personal profile, storefront, and first item listing using content that you provide. This service is offered exclusively to Rückify clients wishing to open a store front of their own and to add item listings for rent.

Additional Info

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The RÜCK | WURX™ profile set-up service includes the following:

  • Creation of your account using the email / password of your choice, and set up of your personal details including upload of your profile picture (if not already created by you)

  • Help in writing your profile description

  • Set-up of your payout details (choose person or corporation) with the link to your choice of either a bank account or a PayPal account (using the information you provide)

  • Optional set-up of tax details if collecting sales taxes in your jurisdiction

  • Setting your store hours (availability for pick-up days and times)

  • Creation of your first listing is included in this package

  • Additional listings are available at $39 each. Selectable during checkout. 

To create the first item listing (and for each subsequent listing), we require the following:

  • Pictures or video (max 20) of the item (square format is recommended to avoid cropping)

  • The item's replacement value (needed for insurance purposes and to help set rental pricing)

  • A description of the item (we can research online to find descriptions from current suppliers like Home Depot who often provide good copy)

  • PDF's, Word documents, or links to instruction manuals that can be included in the listing

  • Any known video links to YouTube or other online video tutorials on set-up and usage instructions

  • Any additional fees you require such as set-up, cleaning, training, supplies, or operational expenses

  • Pick up & delivery times, options, and fees

  • Availability times (include blocked off dates where not available)

  • Special transportation or shipping requirements

  • Your desired rental rates (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or other custom time periods)

  • Required security deposit or opt-in for insurance protection

  • Instructions and Frequent Questions

  • Cancellation policy (Easy-going, Comfortable, or Strict)

Depending on the type of item, other information may be requested from you to complete the item listing.

Additionally, we can develop your printable guidebooks, promotional handouts, a PowerPoint-to-Video-based presentation, or explainer video to send to renters before they pickup the item. Video is highly useful to enhance the renter's experience. See the link for more details on our service offerings.

Members Only Offer

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Regular rates apply

Be sure to check out our other services for applicable offers.

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Offer Expires:

June 21, 2023


To purchase one of our services in either CAD or USD, simply click the Buy Now button for your local currency and you will be taken directly to the Stripe shopping cart checkout. This is our preferred default method of payment using Stripe. However, if you prefer to use the PayPal interface instead, click the PayPal Buy button where you will have the option to use your credit card without creating a Free PayPal account, or you may login into a new or current PayPal account.


(Note: if a selection is unavailable when clicking a button, then we may have not yet coded the cart for that option. Please choose another option or Contact Us.) 

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Note: Not all services can be self-ordered through our online store; such services will be invoiced directly. CANADA ONLY: If you are in Canada and ordering just this single service in $CAD, you may also use the Single Item Quick Order button. If you are ordering more than one service, choose the Online Store for Multi-item Orders button to add items to the shopping cart.


For all credit card payments, a fee of 3-4% will be included in the Tax line item at checkout to cover our merchant processing costs. Upon request of an invoice, this transaction fee can be avoided by paying directly by e-transfer. Payments are fulfilled via Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

See our services tab for more information on other ancillary services you may require.

To request more information on this specific service, and to inform us about your needs so we can prepare a proper quote, please complete the Service Intake Form by clicking on the button below (note: if it is not clickable, then use the General Request for Quote form by clicking the button in the top margin).

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