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AirBnB is the leading peer-to-peer online marketplace and homestay network enabling people to list or rent short-term lodging of their residential properties. Hosts must create custom profiles to list their homes using the excellent web-based platform provided. However, there is a significant learning curve involved for some less tech-savvy hosts. We eliminate this learning curve and create the entire profile for you using content that you provide. Additionally, we can develop printable guidebooks, promotional handouts, and a PowerPoint-to-Video-based, walk-through presentation tour to send to guests before they check in. Hosts may include instructional messages and other tourist-oriented suggestions to enhance their offering. Video is highly useful to personalize the guest experience, especially if guests arrive at odd hours or when the host is unavailable for the personal welcome tour. Self-check-in is becoming more popular with hosts, and video can take your place while providing a resource for guests to review at any time before or after arrival.

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