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Terry Kozlyk

Terry Kozlyk


As a professional videographer, my role is to capture your image and convey your message in the best way possible. Whether you need a corporate or personal video, a commercial, an advertising or promo video, a special event recorded, or general scenery captured, I do it all in full color HD video. 


My process is as follows:

  • Listen - I spend time to get to know you, your organization, your story and the message you want to share.

  • Script - I write and choreograph with your thoughts and our ideas - in-house, your setting or on-location.

  • Video - I capture video from all angles to give us the most possibilities during the editing process.

  • Design - I assemble, choreograph, edit and splice to create your video which best captures your message, story or offering to your audience.

  • Deliver - Only when you are happy with the proofs, I deliver a video, so you can showcase your message on your website and social media.

Feel free to check out my personal website at

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