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KitKat Trachuk

KitKat Trachuk

Marketing & Digital Asset Designer, Video Production

MASTER Digital Artist | Author | EMPOWERMENT Speaker | Philanthropist

Kathy employs 'Tenacity' to help EMPOWER 'ENTREPRENEURIAL' WOMEN! Her competitive nature and her talent in Digital Media earned her a degree in DIGITAL 'ART' and DESIGN. She is now MASTERING the ART (from former European Mentorship) creating Original Pieces of ART which is NOW available ONLINE for MASTERCLASS backgrounds. Her Digital Canvases are quite:  'STUNNING' and are beginning to CAPTURE AUDIENCES from Around-the-World!

Kathy is now fulfilling her dream of becoming a TV HOST with her show called: "CHITCHAT with KITKAT" which opend on March 8, 2024 on International Women's Day. It dives into Women's Lives utilizing the same High Caliber ThoughtWurx TV Cameras at our studio in Space Central as CBC / FOX News. She invites you to be a part of her show. Come TELL-YOUR-STORY...even if you think you aren't ready...Why Not? Why NOT YOU?

CHANGE starts with TAKING the 1st STEP: Allowing yourself to be BOLD, BRAVE and COURAGEOUS (together)... SEE, FEEL and Experience IT!

[ **Every woman who takes to the VIRTUAL STAGE (from anywhere in the world with me) will receive a chance to WIN a Copy of Jamie Kern Lima's NEW BOOK: " W O R T H Y " ] !

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