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James Steele IV

James Steele IV

President, Sr. Partner, Chief Project Manager, Head Designer, Video Director

As President, chief project manager, and head designer, I coordinate with the sales and marketing team, project managers, and developers to produce your project, whether it be video, audio, web design, branding, multimedia, or corporate consulting.


In business since 2002 (as Trilogy Promotions Inc.), I have worked with numerous clients on all varieties of projects, as demonstrated in Our Wurx. Most of the time, I am also the developer or hands-on manager for each project, and I have the final approval for all projects released.

What I bring to the table is the sincere desire to help people and businesses optimize and improve on what they are doing now. As the eldest son of a tax accountant who was born and raised in the depression era, and as a University of Calgary graduate with dual degrees in economics and finance, I learned the value of a dollar from a very young age and how not to waste money on wants rather than needs.


As a life-long entrepreneur and multiple business owner, I have learned ways to streamline my own operations and save money everywhere possible. I have taken 30+ years of broad-based, relevant, business experience and condensed it all down into a virtual boutique consulting firm that brings priceless real world experience and passion to your project, as if it where my own. 

When we design a project for you, I aim to build ultra-efficiencies into your websites, marketing programs, and other related business necessities while empowering you to learn the art of self-management of your controllable assets. For example, such utilities as a self-manageable database for your website saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance charges that our competition is all too eager to do for you prior to sending you a big bill. I would much rather work with you in your business than on your business doing such tasks that you can and should be able to do for yourself at little to no cost. 

I choose the final design and appoint the right consultants to help you get the best outcome possible for your needs. I enthusiastically look forward to facilitating your next project, large or small, as we build a long-term working relationship rather than a one and done, see you later kind of deal. 

I have your back!

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