Rich Cinnamon

Rich Cinnamon

Project Funding Strategist; Sales & Marketing; Business Development

My current endeavours are in helping bring about the Capitalizing of Later-Stage Deal Structures, whether on the Private or Public Markets. Additionally, my focus is on helping bring available Saleable Commodities to Market through Sales, Marketing, and Advertising (e.g. Real Estate Projects / Developments, Green Technologies, and a variety of Tangible B2B Goods and Services.) Our focus is to always be Proactive and Involved in the Marketplace, maintaining a varied Network of Contacts and Strategic Partners, while at the same time staying current on ongoing Potential Future Business Opportunities.


Most often I am engaged to take a Lead Role in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Prospect / Business Development, Communication, Negotiations with Clients by providing and presenting Great Working Strategies, Ideas/Concepts, Capital and People together at Strategic Junctures.


A Key Role is to help our Business Clients acquire the necessary tools to enhance their overall Brand, Image, Marketing Strategy, Bottom Line Processes, Customer Experience, System Processes, Website, Multimedia Tools, Social Media Profiles, and their Video Presence.

First, we look at our Business Clients whose Websites are not yet Mobile-Friendly and begin Educational Consultations to move our client through the Business Improvement Process. A primary responsibility is to support and guide internal and external relationships; to be a strategic and critical thinker in helping expanding company objectives with the intention of exceeding business goals.

With a Proper Business Plan, Operational Forecasts and Systems mapped out, my speciality is assisting businesses to secure:

• Third Party Financing
• Private Debt or Equity Investment
• CrowdFunding
• Venture Capital
• Angel Investment
• Strategic Partnerships and Other Sources of Funding.

As a Veteran Funding Specialist, I can help point you in the right direction with a proper Strategic Capital Fundraising Action Plan.