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I first delivered two brochures to your mail box in 2020 to launch my new Community Service to help everyone in Shaganappi, the very place where I grew up! I am now back for year #2...


~ James Steele IV

Your neighbor since 1967

Introducing CMBA

Introducing CMBA
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CMBA Townhall Webinar Announcement

CMBA Townhall Webinar Announcement

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Community MBA

With CMBA, the Grass is Greener, the Snow is Cleaner, and your Home is Prettier!

Someone once said that a truly Smart business is one that solves problems and offers wise solutions. Well, we're no dummies and neither are our clients. 

Problem 1: Year-round indoor and outdoor Property Maintenance is a necessary task for home owners, tenants, and businesses but is often too expensive to source out to typical service providers. With the aging population and the time-pressured millennial workforce of today, those with limited physical ability, age impairment, convenience, time, or affordability issues are yielding to the on-demand service-for-hire (ODSFH) culture driven by smart technology.

Problem 2: Most service providers typically have geographically-dispersed clients, relatively poor marketing skills, and spend endless resources quoting & competing for jobs that are left mostly unfilled or undercut by competitors for a few bucks difference. They must then charge more per service just to make a profit. However, these trades would often accept much less per job if they could manage to encourage an entire community to become clients, as this would drastically reduce their travel and setup time between individual one-off jobs. 

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