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The Smartest  Way To Maintain Your Property

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I first delivered two brochures to your mail box in 2020 to launch my new Community Service to help everyone in the Shaganappi area, the very place where I grew up! I am now back for year #5...


~ James Steele IV

Your neighbor since 1967

Introducing CMBA

Introducing CMBA
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CMBA Townhall Webinar Announcement

CMBA Townhall Webinar Announcement

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Community MBA

With CMBA, the Grass is Greener, the Snow is Cleaner, and your Home is Prettier!

Someone once said that a truly Smart business is one that solves problems and offers wise solutions. Well, we're no dummies and neither are our clients. 

Problem 1: Year-round indoor and outdoor Property Maintenance is a necessary task for home owners, tenants, and businesses but is often too expensive to source out to typical service providers. With the aging population and the time-pressured millennial workforce of today, those with limited physical ability, age impairment, convenience, time, or affordability issues are yielding to the on-demand service-for-hire (ODSFH) culture driven by smart technology.

Problem 2: Most service providers typically have geographically-dispersed clients, relatively poor marketing skills, and spend endless resources quoting & competing for jobs that are left mostly unfilled or undercut by competitors for a few bucks difference. They must then charge more per service just to make a profit. However, these trades would often accept much less per job if they could manage to encourage an entire community to become clients, as this would drastically reduce their travel and setup time between individual one-off jobs. 

Challenge: How do We simultaneously solve these problems for both customers and the contracted service providers?

Our Smart Solution: We establish a voluntary bespoke community homeowner's association that combines the convenience of a fixed monthly maintenance fee with the group buying power of the participating community members. We then negotiate the contracts and hire top notch professional seasonal property maintenance service providers to serve the entire community at a group rate savings of up to 50%. You pay a fixed fee; we manage the risk and all the rest!


Participation is 100% voluntary with a choice of seasonal and year-round services offered on a per household basis. Our trademarked proprietary color-coded window decal & lawn sign system and smart phone app visibly indicates each property's service plan so the trades people can go to work automatically without the need to verify or engage each household or business occupant, or even collect a payment.


Service happens automatically and all billing, contracting, trades scheduling, and fee management is handled by CMBA. It's like a personalized fitness membership for your home. AND, it's all touchless, adding to the safety of our services. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor services, we've got you covered. 


This truly is the Smartest way to maintain your property, year-round!

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Winter Snow Removal Services

Winter Snow Removal Services

Automated snow removal of participating properties within a community neighborhood

Landscaping and More

Landscaping and More

In need of new shrubs, trees, a rock garden, or arborist services? We can help with any landscaping task

Trimming & Weed Wacking

Trimming & Weed Wacking

General trimming, weed mitigation, and pesticide service

Seasonal Lighting & Decoration

Seasonal Lighting & Decoration

Christmas, birthday, wedding, graduation, corporate or personal party, & event lighting & decorating

General Watering Services

General Watering Services

Regular watering is crucial to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn, garden, shrubs, and trees

Grass Installation

Grass Installation

Laying sod on old or new properties is best left to the professionals

Summer Lawn Care Maintenance

Summer Lawn Care Maintenance

Avoid the hay fever and let the professionals take care of your yard all season long

Seasonal Cleanup & Prep

Seasonal Cleanup & Prep

Spring and fall yard cleanup services to prepare your property for the next season

Maid Services

Maid Services

The best way to maintain the INSIDE cleanliness and health of your property, all year long



As an elderly person on a fixed income living in a mature neighborhood with no kids or close relatives to help me regularly with seasonal maintenance tasks, I was constantly worried about city bylaw infractions for uncleaned sidewalks in the winter and uncut lawns in the summer. I am also distrustful of fly-by-night door-to-door contractors who might not show up on-time or over-charge me for the work. Thanks to CMBA, I know the maintenance will happen automatically AND with an easy, predictable monthly budget. Great idea for seniors!

Gladys G.