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Winter Snow Removal Services

Winter Snow Removal Services

Automated snow removal of participating properties within a community neighborhood

$0.075 / square foot private space; $0.15 / linear foot city space

Snow removal starting at only $1/day on a monthly plan! 

For less than the price of a basic fitness membership, we automatically clear the city sidewalk in front of your home or business within the timeframe mandated by your local bylaws. This avoids panic on your part and city fines on their part. 

We offer peace of mind for busy families, the elderly, the infirm, and even winter vacationers. As part of a community service agreement, we help to beautify and raise the image and safety of the entire neighborhood by eliminating unsightly and un-shovelled common area pathways.  

For an extra service fee, we will optionally clear your front yard only, or we can add the back yard and lane access as an optional upgraded service.  

Our rates are based on the prorated average linear footage of the city block your property occupies for standard sized city sidewalks in front of your property (assuming 36" wide pathways) and a per square foot charge on your private spaces, driveways, and walkways.  

By participating in a Community MBA (Maintenance By Association) plan, you get the benefit of the group buying power of the entire community with the predictability and convenience of a set monthly membership fee to allow for year-round budgeting.  

You save 30-50% off the cost of private service and we get the efficiency of serving a larger customer base in a closed community. These savings are passed directly to each participating property owner or tenant without the hassle of mandated homeowner association fees. Service is optional and affordable.  

Our unique color-coded window sticker system notifies our contractors which service level your property receives automatically without the need for per visit interactions or billings. The work is done automatically and is paid for by the monthly maintenance fees you pay. It's like living in a condo or homeowner's association without the onerous rules and requirements. 

Your optional participation is based on an annual contract and can be cancelled at the end of any 12-month term. Finally, yard maintenance made easy!

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