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Samples of Signage & Marketing Material

The following examples of our signage reflect the type of window sticker and lawn sign that would be placed on your property to allow the contractors to know which houses on each block are to receive service, what type of service to provide, and whether the account is currently active, in arrears, or is inactive and no longer receiving service.

Collectively, these unique combinations of colors and codes quickly advise the contractors at a mere glance and a scan with their smart phones, what service to perform at each property as they arrive in the local community. The QR code is unique to each sign and property address, and only matching properties in our database will be entitled to receive service. This uniqueness protects against theft of the sign and reuse on another unapproved property. 

The ID column at the right indicates visually the same information contained in the Quick Response QR code under the Service Verify label. 

  • This unique QR code at the bottom LEFT corner indicates:

    • the City - using standard airport codes - (YYC) for Calgary

    • the Community - (SHG) for Shaganappi

    • the Block number - (01) in the community (the first two digits)

    • the Unit number (01) on that block (the second two digits)​

  • The Plan column indicates which seasonal services have been hired

    • (W)inter, (S)pring, s(U)mmer, or (F)all

    • and which part of the property is to receive service

      • (C)ity street portion or boulevard only; mustard YELLOW color

      • (A)ll of the property, front, back, and city portion; GREEN color

      • (F)ront yard + city portion;  rusty RED color

      • (B)ackyard only; BLUE color​

    • ​The use of Color helps the contractors to quickly differentiate the service level in any lighting condition for faster uninterrupted work.​

  • Our website is listed on the badge or sign to help promote our service to passersby.
  • The QR code in the bottom RIGHT under the Learn More label directs viewers directly to the website for contact and marketing purposes.  



 Signage and Badge Samples

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