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Seasonal Lighting & Decoration

Seasonal Lighting & Decoration

Christmas, birthday, wedding, graduation, corporate or personal party, & event lighting & decorating

Starting at $50 per call; $35 per string

Whatever your special occasion (whether rain, snow, or shine), have a professional set up your Christmas lights and decorate your home for maximum effect. 

We help you prepare year-round for birthdays, weddings, graduations, garden parties, award ceremonies, retirement parties, baby showers, and any special event where tedious decorating is required at your home or community center.  

Why take the time and stress to string your own Christmas lights in -25C when you can stay warm and let our eager professionals do it for you? Starting at only $50 for the first string of lights, and $35 thereafter, we can put up the festive decorations AND come back to take them down when the holidays end or your event is finished. 

Life is too busy to sweat the small stuff. Give us a try once and you'll never want to do your own decorating again.

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