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What is missing in your marketing approach? Experienced retailers know successful advertising depends on many factors. But, in order to improve your efforts, first you have to find out what is missing and what can be added to increase its effectiveness. Many entrepreneurs say: "I know that I have a great product mix, but I just can't figure out why I am not able to get more customers." The fact is that most advertising is designed very poorly. It doesn't give a reason to buy now, and focuses on features, not benefits. First, you must look at the two reasons for advertising: EXPOSURE: The advertiser wants their name exposed to the viewer to think of them when they are ready to make a purchase. Large companies do this kind of advertising. They have a large budget to regularly expose their corporate name and logo to the public. DIRECT RESPONSE: This type of advertising is completely different. It is designed to motivate your customers to shop at your store and buy today. As a small business, you must ask people to buy NOW, because it can make or break your business. Don't Risk Another Dime On Ineffective Advertising! If you are like most retailers, you are often frustrated when it comes to promoting your business because you realize that great sums of money can be spent on efforts that produce little or no results. In fact, many retailers are so paralyzed - they do nothing to promote business. It's not easy running your own business. Most stores are just surviving while only a few actually earn big profits. As an accomplished retailer, you know from experience just getting customers to respond to your advertising efforts is an enormous challenge...

  • Haven't you ever run an ad you were sure would sell like crazy, only to have it fail dismally?

  • Do the advertising tools you create produce the response you are really after?

  • Are your techniques as powerful and profitable as you'd like them to be?

Effective advertising is the most singular important element to attract customers and set your store apart from the competition. It's no surprise that most businesses lacking in marketing skills merely get by. Their failure rate is high because they only get a small share of their potential customer base. Powerful Techniques Produce Powerful Results! Did you know that our advertising strategy typically yields response rates 2X to 10X that of any ordinary self-conducted sale! It's amazing how much money some businesses spend on newspaper ads, sales letters, and other promotional techniques - without evaluating the response, or how much profit it is likely to produce. Advertising is only a guess if you don't know what methods work the best. Without a compelling "eye-catching" message that contain certain key elements, efforts based on just guessing is expensive and gambling with your future. Does Competition Have Impact On Your Business? We see it happening everywhere -- new high-tech stores are appearing, old-line merchants are going broke, established business are downsizing and shrinking - while innovative businesses on the Internet are becoming major players in the marketplace. The lessons are obvious:

  • What was tried and true keeps working less and less

  • You have to keep changing just to stay in pace

  • You must become a creator of change

There is a revolutionary retail war going on, and if you are not prepared to fire your cannons and use effective weapons, you are going to get clobbered.

  • Big companies know the purpose of marketing is to sell - that is your purpose too!

  • Big companies want their marketing efforts to be memorable - and so do you!

  • Big companies want their marketing to be cost-effective - and so do you!

  • Big companies want immediate results - you definitely do!

  • Big companies make constant offers to promote business - and so should you!

Creating an effective marketing campaign is just like assembling a puzzle, if you miss just one piece - it won't work and surely collapse. We'll provide the secrets to out perform bigger and more established businesses than yours - who seemingly have all the competitive advantages. Whether you're planning a partial stock reduction or total close out sale, we can design and execute a successful in-store promotion that creates a buying frenzy to increase customer response, frequency of purchases, inventory turnover, profit margins, and sell merchandise at the best possible prices. Different success concepts combined with powerful strategies, and proven techniques to achieve the results you are seeking.

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