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My Clients

Secoes Organic Microbial Solutions

Secoes Organic Microbial Balanced Technology (OMBT)

Secoes Organic Microbial Balanced Technology (OMBT) integrates four specific types of Bacteria, Algae, Fungi and Archaea to work seamlessly in a symbiotic relationship to renew Soil and Water back to a healthy and natural state.

Thought Wurx

ThoughtWurx Inc.

We are an innovative Calgary, AB, Canada-based multimedia and business development consulting firm specializing in self-manageable corporate websites, video content development, branding, business process consulting and marketing, project management and administration, and social media profile integration. We are dedicated to providing corporate clients in Canada and the USA with leading-edge knowledge and marketing tools they require to propel their businesses in the 21st century.

Having known the President for 20 years, we have collaborated together many times over the years. He developed my website and I have now contracted with him to offer his complete suite of services. 

My role is to help my business clients to acquire the necessary tools to enhance their overall brand, image, marketing strategy, bottom line processes, customer experience, system processes, website and multimedia tools, social media profiles, and their video presence. I first look for business clients whose websites are not yet mobile-friendly, and begin my educational consultations from there, in order to move them through the business improvement process. 

My speciality and my passion is Business Capital Financing. I work with over 400 financiers in Canada and the USA, and provide the following types of loans, ranging from $150,000 to $5 Billion USD.

  • Unsecured Lines of Credit

  • Revenue Based Lines of Credit

  • Revenue Based Advance

  • Merchant Cash Advance

  • Business Lines of Credit

  • Inventory Financing

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Accounts Receivables Factoring

  • CMBS loans

  • Agency loans

  • Fixed Income

  • Bridge Financing

  • Commercial Contractor Funding.

If your business is in need of third-party funding of any kind, I am the right consultant to help you find it.


Dor Bel International Fine Foods

Consult for Marketing and Sales Programs; provide Call Center-Set up deliveries



Create and execute marketing campaigns to identify and develop new clients. Represent a wide range of financial products to individual investors, including annuities, mutual funds, and various retirement programs. Territory is Hawaii and California. Emphasis on individuals with
good investment sophistication. Management and Marketing Specialist experience. Trained and developed new sales reps. Top Performer. Consistently ranked in top 5% of industry. Leaders Conference and Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier.

avenida logo133.png

Avenida Wellness

Special Marketing Consultant to Avenida Wellness for their Lipo Laser Services. Improved their revenue flow and customer traffic by 20% per month.

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