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For over 25 years, I have been passionate about healthy living, good nutrition, clean food, water, and active lifestyles. 

I hereby share with you my secrets for success.

Nutrilite - The World's #1 and Original 100% Organic Multivitamin Supplement... since 1934.

Acting as an Independent Business Owner since 1998, I provide fantastic consumer and business related goods and services, direct to your home or office, shipped by the award winning direct sales and logistics company, Amway Canada.

For nearly a quarter century, the one product line that has appealed to me the most has been the Nutrilite brand of vitamin supplements. Since I started taking these products in May of 1998, I have not missed a single day of work or play due to illness. I estimate that during my various careers in sales and marketing, including 8 1/2 years in a downtown health club in Calgary working both in sales and management, I have shaken hands with over 100,000 people, many of whom suggested that I don't shake their hands since they were fighting a cold or flu that day.

Despite ALL of those bodily interactions, including many more at international tradeshows, conventions, and business networking meetings that I have attended, I have never ONCE gotten sick.


To further prove the importance of good nutritional support, since March 2020, I have not once worn a face mask despite the prevailing mandates and protocols; I have visited plenty of public places and attended numerous private social gatherings; I have shaken hands with thousands of new people; and I did NOT and will not get ever get vaccinated for Covid19. In fact, my last vaccine injection ever was in 1998 for the flu, which ironically, actually gave me the flu! 


Even through 3 years of a so-called global health emergency, I STILL have not been sick. Could it be luck, a strong immune system, or perhaps something else? 

24+ years of personal experimentation and observation has provided me the answer.  Germ Theory is complete and utter unscientific nonsense. If it was true, then why haven't I been sick at least once since 1998 after shaking hands with well over 100,000 people, and many of them throughout the global pandemic? I believe it's because infectious disease is a myth.  Terrain Theory is what really matters as was revealed by Louis Pasteur (the inventor of penicillin) while on his death bed as he uttered his dying breath saying,

"the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything."

Here are a couple of great videos featuring Dr. Tom Cowan that explain the scientific evidence about germs that you may have never heard. First is the interview tilted Origins of Myth, Germ Theory, False Positives, Contagion, Improvisation and the second is called The Origins of Viruses and Covid19


The latest 2022 blockbuster documentary from Dr. Andrew Kaufman titled simply Terrain the Film is probably the best documentary yet about terrain theory and how it relates to Covid-19. Please do support the film's producers by buying the digital download from the website. Or, you can watch it first on several other sources such as on AmazonOdysee, or Rumble


The Truth about viruses is that they are merely dead cell debris excreted from cells as they undergo detoxification, or the programmed death phase of the cell called apoptosis. This process can occur more frequently when the terrain is nutritionally-deficient in the nutrients required to synthesize ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is like the nuclear fuel rods of the cell. For a lengthy 2 1/2 hour documentary on this topic, be sure to watch Germ vs. Terrain Theory - The Virus Narrative Smashed to Smithereens - Fabled Enemies. 

The lesson to be learned here is that when you support your health with optimal nutrition and good clean filtered water, your internal environment, including the janitors inside your cells (the so-called immune system), will have all the energy and nutrients required to effectively detox your body without flu and cold-like systems. Illness is merely a sign that your body is too toxically overloaded and nutritionally-deficient to be able to maintain basic metabolic functions while doing routine janitorial detoxification work. Disease is nothing more than an accumulation over time of toxic poisons within a dirty terrain without adequate nutritional support. 

The most popular question I get from people, especially since March 2020, has been,

"What do you recommend to prevent illness and keep your body healthy during the current so-called health crisis?"

Here below is my tried and true personal formula that I have been recommending to clients since the start of the millennium. I know it will work for ANYONE who tries it. Since 1998, it has never failed me or a single customer of mine who has tried this regimen. So,

  • What do you have to lose?

  • What does one week away from work cost you?

  • How much do pharmaceutical medications cost?

  • And what do they do to your health?

Compare those expenses to a supplemental nutritional treatment that costs about the same per day as a light fast-food takeout meal that will do nothing to help you heal but rather sicken you slowly over time!



3 Day Treatment

(3 packets per day)

Retail Cost per Packet = $8
Packets per Day = 3
Retail Cost per Day = $24
3 Day Treatment = $72


The KEY to stopping a cold or flu dead in its tracks is to start these doses within the first 12-24 hours of the onset of any symptoms. Two plus decades of experience has taught me this formula through trial and error and feedback from hundreds of people. Waiting even one extra day to start treatment will prolong your illness by several days and require 1-3 additional days of dosing to achieve the same recovery. Of course, you must DRINK LOTS of WATER to flush the poisons out of your system. If you aren't urinating every 1-2 hours, your aren't drinking enough fluids during this critical time of healing. 

Once you have dramatically improved your condition, I recommend continuing a 1 pack/day regimen for another 7 days after symptoms subside. Depending on your overall level of health, some people will experience a late resurgence by stopping too early. As with antibiotics, it is best to continue dosing well after the symptoms have disappeared to provide your body with the fuel needed for a full recovery.


For ongoing regular maintenance, I recommend a daily intake of the number one 100% organic multivitamin in the world since 1934, the Nutrilite Double-X (see A4300C below) to maintain an optimal level of health and to drastically reduce your chances of ever again having a cold or flu. Take it from my 24+ years of PERSONAL experience with these products, this formula works without fail and I personally have yet to experience a single day of sickness this century!

The prices below include pre-measured, single serving packets, GST, and pickup or personal delivery within Calgary, AB, Canada.  To save the built-in packaging fee and delivery costs, order the full bottles through my personal Amway website and make this recipe for yourself. Call me today to order by phone, or simply create an account online using my

 Canadian site 


American site,

depending on which country you are living in. Return to this page, select the country you are shopping from, and click the links below to be taken directly to each item's detail page. Then, add the items to the cart and place your order.


*Shipping will be added to your cart depending on the order size. 

Need some help selecting a regular nutritional regimen? Try the handy calculator below.


Note: If you don't see this notice at the top of the shopping cart page, then come back here, click the country specific link below, and then proceed to add the SKU# to the item search box. 

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Why Nutrilite?

Why Nutrilite?
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