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Wealth Coach, Financial Educator, and Marketing Executive with a broad range of experience in personal and corporate sales, financial management, private equity financing, web design and development, e-commerce, network marketing, and sales coaching.


Direct experience with financial planning, venture capital, early-stage start-ups, sports and entertainment, multi-media production, nutrition, and fitness marketing.

I have a passion and vision for identifying and developing new business ideas into commercial ventures.

Specialties: Sales, business analysis, Microsoft Office Suite, project planning, multimedia, marketing, promotions, web development, video production, and business analysis.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

The ability to think outside the box with expansive creativity and a never-say-never attitude, is the key to driving innovative thought processes that lead to novel solutions to complex problems as well as the simple ones. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Data-Powered Architecture

Information is the raw material for financial and business success. The invention of the world wide web forever altered the balance of power to those who know who to harness it. 

Next Generation Technologies

Innovative business systems can greatly enhance your ability to gather, analyze, utilize, focus, and transform data and information to help create massive wealth.


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Trilogy Promotions Inc.

Incorporated a marketing & promotions company.



The Red Mile

Started The Red Mile brand to promote the 17th Avenue business district during the Calgary Flames playoff run.

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Notebook and Pencil

My Thoughts

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