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Committed to Excellence

Trilogy Promotions Inc. is committed to your privacy. Under no circumstances do we share your confidential information with a third party without a properly issued court order. In situations where we have signed a non-disclosure agreement under a trustee relationship, even a court order will bar us from complying with such requests. 

Trilogy Promotions Inc. is the holding company of the The Wealth Coaches, The Wealth Academy, Asset Pro, ThoughtWurx, The Red Mile, Community MBA, Space Central, and Branduzzle™ brands. Your credit card statement will likely show payment made to STRIPE*TRILOGY, or STRIPE*TRILOGYPROMOTIONS as the payee (or some variation thereof). We also use Square and PayPal with similar coding. All purchases are considered final, and non-refundable, unless otherwise stated. 

If you have a recurring subscription for one of our branded services, you will be billed automatically at the end of each cycle so that you will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to your services. You should receive an automated email 7 days prior to your auto-renewal. Please pay the amount in the currency shown. If you wish to switch currencies, please let us know. 

Questions and concerns can be addressed to the company through our associated websites available by visiting the home page and choosing the brand you require, or by contacting us through the methods shown on your invoice. 

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