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How to Create a BRANDuzzle™

Businesses and Advertisers of any kind are always seeking novel ways to promote their brands or services. A BRANDuzzle™ is a fun and innovative way to get your message out to the public that allows for both on-location placement and virtual promotion on a perpetual basis through this platform. 


The procedure to request a personalized creation is to follow these six easy sequential steps below.

1) Watch the Explainer Video
2) Read the Product Detail Page
3) Submit Your Puzzle Profile
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Reading a Book

Simply click the image to watch the short video that summarizes the program in detail (NOTE: video is under development. Move to step 2).

BRANDuzzle™ is an exclusive creation of ThoughtWurx. Click the image to visit the dedicated product page on the main website. Read the content there, pay the initial template creation fee, and chose your subscription campaign.


You may choose a single issue creation or a full annual, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly campaign.

To create each issue of a puzzle, we require up to 25 unique questions and answers to develop the crossword puzzle design. We also require up to a 150 word description of your business that is placed on the reverse right-hand side of the puzzle page next to the solution. We also need the details for the promotional offer you are granting to players. Click here to complete the brief intake form.

4) Create a User Profile & Account
5) Approve the final design
6) Publish, Print & Disseminate
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Business Signing Contract

As a BRANDuzzle™ publisher you will have the option to host your creation on this site. To do so, you will need to create a login account and user profile that can be used as a landing page for your brand. From there, you can link to any page on your main website or social media profile that will redirect players to where you need them to go. Without a user profile, we will point players directly to your home or promotional offer page.

Once the developer completes the draft of your design template and first issue, a PDF proof of your BRANDuzzle™ will be sent to your for approval. Once you have approved the design, it will be published to a high quality PDF and sent to you for use. Unless desired otherwise, your creation will be uploaded and hosted on this site for users to play, Free Hosting for 1 year is included with the option to extend in perpetuity under subscription.

Finally you send the puzzle to any publication platform you wish, whether online or in print medium. Optionally, we provide high quality print reproduction services through our dedicated printer in Calgary, The UPS Store 74, one of our BRANDuzzle™ publishers on this site. We can also disseminate the printed copies to a wide range of on-site locations chosen by us or by you. Distribution fees apply.

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