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Balmoral Manor News Blog


Welcome to the Balmoral Manor news blog. This is your prime information source for all things that residents of the complex need to know. It will contain important bulletins, notices, newsletters, announcements and links to important files and resources that will keep you informed about the goings on at Balmoral.


Residents are even able to chat to each other through a social-media style interface in the Community Page that allows for direct communication and posting to other neighbors in the complex. Feel free to sound off (politely) and tell others about yourselves through your own personal dedicated profile page. Or, use the maintenance and suggestions blog to communicate directly to the board about issues you would like to see addressed in the building.


To access the site, the full Blog posts, or the Community Page, you will need to first register and be approved as a resident. Simply create a new account record here and choose the option to Sign Up. If you have already registered on the site but have not yet created a profile record, simply click on the link, then login and follow the instructions.  You should receive an automated confirmation email with detailed instructions about the next steps. 

Key contact information is contained within the site under the relevant tabs of Owners and Renters. Your access level will depend upon your occupancy status which you may be asked to verify. General contact requests with the site administrator can be made through the Contact tab above. All other inquiries should be made through the private contact information links and numbers located within the site after your membership access has been approved.  Hope to see you on the inside!

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