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Musical Vision

My music inspires purpose, excellence, faith and compassion. It motivates, encourages, and uplifts the soul and spirit. It heals wounded hearts, gives hope and strength to the weary, promotes good character. My faith in God and the Trinity are my raison detre. The first in the series is No Pain No Gain. Following shortly is Testimony, and others.

Film Set

Film Production

It has been my dream to make movies that inspire. I have produced two stage plays of scripts that I wrote: Painful Silhouette and Turning Point. Both were hugely successful, with the audience giving a spontaneous standing ovation. My screenplay is in progress, and the first film will be released in 2020.

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Anuli Ausbeth-Ajagu has written several published books including:

"The King's Verdict" (2001) A girl-child advocacy storybook for children, published by C.S.S Ltd. Lagos. (Winner of ANA Matatu Prize for children’s Literature 2001). “The Sly Guy,” first self-published in (2003) A contemporary story on HIV\AIDS and republished by Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers LTD.) in 2012. “Nwanyibuife” (2003) women empowerment advocacy drama published by Literamed Publications LTD (Lantern books) (Pat Utomi Book Prize nominee). “Maiden” (2004) An inspirational novel published by Literamed Publications LTD (Lantern books) “Women Are Precious” (2004) An adaptation of the book Nwanyibuife into a comic by Lantern books. “Jesus The Anointed One” (2005) Bible stories series published by Literamed Publications LTD (Lantern books). "Happy Days Ahead" (2006) Story Book published by Literamed Publications LTD (Lantern Books). "Stigma from the Past" (2012) published by Strategic Books Publishing and Rights Co. USA. "Don’t Write Me Off" (2013) published by Author House UK. Some of her other books include “Success Secrets Uncovered.” (1999), "A Date with Tina" (2001) a contemporary short story for free distribution. She has also featured in the Association of Nigerian Authors Anthology, "Wings of Dawn", an anthology of new writing by Nigerian women (In collaboration with British Council Nigeria), etc., with several other books in progress.

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Rev. Anuli is an ordained preacher. She is the founder of Divine Heritage Gospel Ministry (DHGM). She got Born Again in 1990, whilst an undergraduate of the university of Jos, Nigeria. Her journey of faith has been met with failures, challenges, fiery trails, obstacles, persecution, and joyful testimonies, which have transformed and purified her, built godly character, integrity, and consolidated her unwavering faith and commitment to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She is an anointed teacher of the word of God who believes in righteous living and godly character. To know more about the ministry DHGM, you can visit the website:

If you will like to join her faith network, or want to be prayed for, please complete this: (to come)

Donation Boxes


Dr. Anuli founded a dynamic non-profit (N.G.O), Youth and Gender Network (YGN), to serve as a platform for inspiration, advocacy and development of womenfolk and youth in Nigeria. National Youth Summits, girl-child education, youth mentoring, and poverty alleviation are among the organization’s forte. To know more about the N.G.O.’s activities, or how you can support or volunteer, please go to:



Dr. Anuli is a Human Resources Professional, specializing in Training and Development. Stay tuned for some of her interesting, empowering coaching resources and training modules. Coming soon…

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Conferences / Workshops

Dr. Anuli is passionate about leadership, capacity building, and personal / business development. She believes that learning is a continuum, and training is crucial for effectiveness. She mentors and coaches individuals and groups, and strives to promote wholesomeness, emotional well-being, and good success. She inspires and educates individuals, groups and businesses through public speeches, training programs, workshops, conferences and seminars. She has been keynote speaker at various forums including institutions of learning, entrepreneurial groups, businesses, non-profit / charities and faith communities. To learn more about how she and her business can add value, you can book a  consultation for your business, community, or personal needs.

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I believe in Jesus Project 2000

Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour? If yes, would you like to share briefly on why you believe? You have 2 options:

  1. Write a phrase on why you believe that Jesus Christ is your Saviour. (Minimum 12 words and maximum 20 words). OR

  2. Write a brief testimony about an experience you had that convinced you that Jesus Christ is your saviour. (Minimum 50 words maximum 120 words).

Please note: You can include your name or just initials / occupation / city / country of residence / or a combination of any, or choose to remain anonymous.

Please note, that this is a compilation for a research / book project that will be published. Our vision is to declare Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord, 2000 + years after His death and resurrection.

Thank you for your participation.

Email –

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